Desktop ePassport Personalization System

  for centralized or decentralized(office) high volume operations 

  The UCSP2L-XXXX is a Dye-Sublimation Thermal Transfer Printer with seven-colored ribbon for machine readable passport and e-passport booklets based on innovative technology of high security solution.

  Combining high quality of printing, encoding and lamination in modular type, UCSP2L-XXXX features of optimized productivity, user-friendly interface in durable design & easy maintenance. 

  Maximum printing speed of ; 

      300 passports(YMCK) per hour 

      240 passports(YMCKUv) per hour 

      200 passports(YMCKUrUgUb) per hour

  16,000,000 Color(True Color) 

  Handling passport from 10 pages to 64 pages


   Desktop Personalization System


        0. Start 

        1. Passport Auto-feeder : Feet a Blank Passport 

        2. Inspection1 : Read Blank Passport Book Number and upload Book number on Server 

        3. Print Server : Passport Number=Book number, Download Printing Image and encoding Data 

        4. Printer : Print the Datapage(Image, Text, Unvisible Image(UV Image)) 

        5. Inspection2 : inspect the printed Datapage(Image, Text, Unvisible Image(UV Image)) 

        6. Encoding : Writer encode the personal information(Face, Name, Age, Expired Date, Fingerprint ETC) 

        7. Alignment : Aligne the Encoded Passport and Datapage 

        8. Laminator : Laminate the Encoded Passport and Datapage 

        9. Passport Stacker : Stacking the laminated Passport 

        10. Final QC : Upload Final QC Result



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